Mud Factor Birmingham 2019

If garden-variety 5K races are no longer satisfying your need for excitement, it may be time to step it up. How about throwing in some tough climbs, steep slides, and slippery crawls? Oh, and one more thing: lots and lots of mud. Mud Factor Birmingham takes a 5K race and... [read more]

Bob Ross Oil Painting Class – Get Creative

Bob Ross Oil Painting Class - Get Creative
If you’d like to exercise your creative side this summer, you’ll have the perfect opportunity this month at the Bob Ross Oil Painting Class at Hobby Lobby! A skilled teacher will help you create your own painting using Ross’ techniques, and when you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful new work... [read more]

Register The Kids For Fairy Tales In The Gardens

If you're looking for a fun and fanciful way to keep your little ones occupied this summer, consider a day camp set amid vibrant flower fields and beautifully landscaped oases. Designed to inspire and delight young imaginations, Fairy Tales in the Gardens is a week-long, fantasy-themed day camp for children... [read more]

Don’t Miss The Black Bear Encounter At The Birmingham Zoo

Don't Miss The Cassowary Encounter At The Birmingham Zoo
The Birmingham Zoo is home to an amazing variety of fascinating animals, and this July, you have the opportunity to see a few of them up close! You can go behind the scenes to meet our North American Black Bear sisters, Bety and Sassy. When and Where The animal encounters will occur... [read more]

Check Out The Ross Bridge Farmers Market On A Friday Night

Check Out The Ross Bridge Farmers Market On A Friday Night
While guests from Birmingham and all around the U.S. come to Ross Bridge for a round of golf or a relaxing day at the spa, you can also visit the paradisaical community this summer for some fresh produce and other goods. From now until August, the neighborhood will host the... [read more]

Become A Better Runner At The Running Biomechanics Workshop

Become A Better Runner At The Running Biomechanics Workshop
While it’s not uncommon to feel a bit winded after a good run, there are measures you can take to maximize your breathing. The more you understand about your body, the better you can take care of it, so join Dr. Beau Beard at Oak Mountain State Park this June... [read more]

Don’t Miss Magic City Con

Don't Miss Magic City Con
Grab your best control stick and suit up in your finest cosplay, because the Magic City Con returns to Birmingham this June! The Hyatt Regency will most a throng of artists, merch dealers, game tournaments, guest panels, and more! When and Where The Magic City Convention will be held at the Hyatt... [read more]

Learn To Scuba Dive At Blue Water Park

Learn To Scuba Dive At Blue Water Park
If you’ve ever looked down into the rippling waves of a lake or ocean, you probably let you mind wander for at least a moment about the vast world that lies just under the surface. If you learn how to scuba dive, you don’t have to guess anymore–you can jump... [read more]

Where To Work Out Near Pelham

Pelham Gyms
Whether you're shaping up your beach body or trying to get a handle on your heart health, you're more likely to reach your goals when you have a good fitness plan in place. What better way to hammer yours out than by finding a convenient exercise facility you love? Lucky... [read more]