Take Your Little Ones To Try Out Let’s Play In Hoover

Let's Play Hoover
We're thrilled to see the kick-off of spring, but for all those mild and sunny days, we're sure to get our share of spring showers. If you have active little ones at home, that can mean a scramble to find ways to keep them entertained, preferably without sticking them in... [read more]

Learn About Birds Of Prey At Oak Mountain

Bring your camera and a good pair of binoculars to Oak Mountain State Park on March 31 to meet Alabama’s birds of prey. The Alabama Wildlife Center’s Treetop Nature Trail will welcome guests with an insightful tour, and an Oak Mountain naturalist will tell the fascinating stories of the trail’s... [read more]

Try These Local Spots For A Sweet Treat

Birmingham Bakeries
When your sweet tooth demands attention, you've got no choice but to give in. Lucky for you, the Birmingham area is chock-full of bakeries, creameries, and shops selling sweet treats of all kinds – pastries, ice cream, cookies, and more. Next time you crave a sugary indulgence, check out one... [read more]

Catch A Birmingham Bulls Game At Home

Birmingham Bulls
This is only the Birmingham Bulls’ second year back, but the team has already proven it’s a force to be reckoned with. The Bulls had a 30-11 record halfway through the season, and the fans have been rewarding the team by coming to games in large numbers. Be one of... [read more]

Everyone Is A Golf Pro When You Visit Topgolf

You like the idea of playing golf, but it can be exhausting. You have to follow your ball all over the course, and you even have to keep score. Yuck. What if you could enjoy all the fun of golf without so much work? That’s what you get at Topgolf.... [read more]

Catch The Birmingham Iron In Action

Birmingham Iron
Your heart feels a little heavy, and you’re a bit depressed. It’s the same feeling you get every year when football season comes to an end. Auburn and Alabama have already taken their last snaps for the year, and Superbowl was on Feb. 3. What should you do now? How... [read more]

Go For A Night Out At Goodfellas Social Club

Goodfella's Social Club
Goodfellas Social Club is anything but just another bar. You’ll notice that as soon as you step inside, where you will be transported back to the 1920s. The door might not be hidden like the clubs of the days gone by, but it’s styled like a Prohibition-era speakeasy. Get the details... [read more]

Have You Been To The Woolworth Yet?

The Woolworth
Your parents or grandparents probably remember going to the local five and dime to pick up some items. Woolworth’s was the most popular of those, but it’s long gone. Don’t worry though, because a new business has hung up its sign up in the old Woolworth’s building. The Woolworth gets... [read more]

Try These Local Sushi Restaurants

Sushi restaurants
When you’re in the mood for sushi, not any restaurant will do. You want a place that has fresh, creative options, and that’s not a problem when you live in Birmingham. The city is full of tasty sushi restaurants, so make the rounds. You’ll discover one delicious roll after the... [read more]